Competent Intelligence Quick Market Scan

There is no need to travel or spend a fortune to get the information you need. Pick an African country or region. Tell us about your products and your expansion goals. In return we will screen them objectively for both opportunities and risk factors. Providing you with the information you need to make an intelligent decision. Delivered in 2 weeks.

Competent Intelligence Local Market Research

You understand the growth potential of African markets and it's time for action. We'll hit the ground on your behalf - engaging government officials, potential clients and competitors in order to gain a sense of the market for your products. Start today. Deployment in under 6 weeks.

Easy to work with,
Easy to succeed with.

We are passionate about AFRICA, and it shows.
You will not find partners more dedicated or involved than your Competent team.
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About Competent Consulting

We help great Companies grow their revenues in AFRICA.

We thrive on bringing our resources and your great products together. We team you up with the most qualified specialists to share proven strategies in key developing African sectors.

It all begins with excellent communications and planning, and we’re with you every step of the way. With mutual agreements in place, it’s on to executing your strategies.

Together, we can do exciting things to grow your business in Africa.