I am a great believer that if you know how to operate in Africa, there are unbelievable opportunities

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Nicky Oppenheimer

Greene and Partners Investments

o you want to know if you should launch your product or service in Africa?

African Country Market Entry Summary

A quick low-cost way to decide if Africa works for your business. Get a quick concise analysis of your product or service for any country in Africa. From the comfort of your desk you will have all the essential facts to determine if entry into African markets makes sense for your business. 


We will take your product or service and report the following:


  1. Is your product/service adaptable to local culture, habits, trends?

  2. Usable data on market size – giving you a quick snapshot.

  3. Possible distribution channels.

  4. Potential competition.

  5. Competetive pricing data on similar products/services.

  6. Recommendations for this specific market.


Results summarized in a 2 page brief for each country.


A Summary is a much lower investment than exploring yourself. 

Prices for each summary differ per country:


Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa


Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya


Ghana, Morrocco, Libya, Sudan


All other African countries



Order your market entry summary today.